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Should you choose a turret CCTV camera?

You may have already heard of turret cameras, amongst other types of CCTV cameras available to secure your home or business. Read on to find out more about turret CCTV devices and find out if they’re right for your needs.

What is a turret camera?

A turret security camera can also be referred to as an “eyeball camera”. They are small CCTV devices that have a ball and socket design. This means that the camera can move to a great range of angles in its socket, meaning customers get better coverage from their CCTV. The images will then be relayed as standard to a recorder or viewing device. The shape of Turret CCTV devices tend to be oval - mounted to your ceiling - or they can be bracket mounted. They’re a similar shape to dome cameras but instead of the glass dome over the lens, it tends to be mounted on the outside of the case.

How do turret cameras work?

Turret Cameras use a coaxial cable, which is a type of copper cable that is specially built with a metal shield and other components. It’s engineered to block signal interference. They can be used for both internal and outdoor home security, which makes them a flexible choice of camera. When external turret cameras are installed, they are generally up high in order to make them harder to tamper with.

Why should I get a turret camera?

While you can use these CCTV devices indoors and on the outside of your building, they are an inconspicuous choice for outdoor security. Also, the image quality you’ll get from a turret camera is as good as a bullet camera. If you’re thinking about which CCTV camera to get in your home or office, it’s important to consider that turret design cameras have many of the same pros as other types such as the vandal domes or bullet cameras, but without any of the weaknesses They’re easy and fast to install as they’re small, and the turret’s lens can be aimed anywhere you need it to be overseeing. Find the best CCTV set up for your home or business. Not sure if you need a turret camera? We’re happy to advise - and offer a tailored approach to each customer. Don’t wait until something happens - call us today to speak to a friendly engineer in Cornwall.

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