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Do you want to protect your office premises, but not sure where to begin?

Find out more about business alarm systems, the benefits that a burglar alarm for your place of work can bring, as well as the different workplace security options available.

What is a commercial alarm system?

Commercial alarms differ based on what you need for your workplace. They vary in price and complexity. Commercial alarms can be a series of sensors connected to a main control unit, and an intruder will set off the system and send alerts to you, your security staff or the police. The noise of the alarm will also alert anyone nearby that there is an attempted break in.

Benefits of commercial alarm systems

Save yourself and your business from costly losses. Most commercial premises have a lot of valuable items, making them a target for thieves. Installing a business alarm system will help protect you from having to replace expensive IT equipment and furniture. Even if your insurance covers this, your premium will go up following a break in and claim. Save your business’ reputation from sensitive data leaks. The valuable information computers contain, including customer data and commercially sensitive information, could lose you business if it’s stolen and leaked. Customers won’t feel that their confidential data is safe. This information isn’t something you can retrieve once it’s in the wrong hands. The best solution to a break in is preventing it. According to the Metropolitan Police, a work premises is less likely to be a target for thieves if you have business alarm systems in place. A would-be burglar can see these systems from the outside and they may prevent them from even trying. Protect your colleagues - and your staff turnover. Your commercial building may have your staff inside when a burglary happens - people work late sometimes! Keep your colleagues safe by installing an office burglar alarm. Prevention is better than cure, and you can avoid compromising staff safety, demotivating your team or even prevent people from leaving your company because they don’t feel safe there.

Which is the best type of office alarm system?

Wired and wireless alarms are both available for commercial premises. Wired alarms are generally more reliable than wireless alarms. If the batteries of a wireless alarm run out, the alarm system will not work. If you want to avoid this happening, a wired option may be the best alarm solution for your business. However, if your office building is not easy to wire, a wireless system may be what we recommend. You’ll just need to ensure that you or a member of staff stay on top of checking that all batteries are working across the alarm system. Another benefit of wireless alarms is that installation is easier and faster. You will also need to think about the type of response you want in a commercial alarm. An office burglar alarm can potentially have an auto dialler and call back options that call out security or building key holders to notify them of a potential intruder. They can then take action immediately. No matter which option is best for your business, all companies need a way to ensure the safety of their staff and premises. We get that your business is as unique as its security needs. We’d love to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you have about what is right for you. Call us now on 01637 415001.

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