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Why install a home alarm system:

Starting from scratch with your home security system? Not sure where to begin? Find out more about house alarms, the benefits a burglar alarm can bring to you and your family, as well as the different home security options available.

What is a home alarm system?

Put simply, a burglar alarm is a device that usually makes a loud noise if an intruder attempts to enter your home by force. Installing a home alarm is an excellent way of protecting your home whether you live in a detached or semi detached property, bungalow or flat. There are different types available, from standard burglar alarms, intruder alarms, single sirens and more sophisticated alarm systems. Depending on which type of home system you opt for, either you or your neighbours will be alerted to the burglary, allowing action to be taken.

Benefits of installing a home burglar alarm?

Do you worry about being away from your home during the day, overnight, or for longer periods? What if you could have peace of mind to finally relax while you were on holiday? This is the comfort that installing a home alarm system will bring for your Cornwall home. But it’s not just reassuring. Here are the other benefits of home alarm system installation: Burglar alarms are a deterrent Visible alarm systems at your home are likely to deter thieves before they even try to break in. The noise of an alarm will also act as a deterrent if they attempt to force entry. The last thing a burglar wants is to draw attention to themself! You could reduce the cost of home insurance Installing a home burglar alarm isn’t just a deterrent - it can save you money! The more home protection you have in place, the less at risk your property is. This could mean your insurance premiums will decrease. So alarm system installation is worth the upfront cost, as it saves you cash in the long run. Safety for you and your family Home alarms aren’t just for when you’re away. You will increase how safe you and your family are when you’re at home too. Both by acting as a deterrent and by attracting attention if your home is broken into while you’re there. Make sure burglars get caught and charged by the police! A home burglar alarm can notify the police and your neighbourhood if your home is targeted. This can increase the likelihood of catching the thief, as well as them being charged. Even if they’re unsuccessful, it makes sure the burglar does not get another chance to try again. Adding CCTV to your home security set up can help strengthen your case and help the police make an arrest, by providing images of the intruders.

Which is the best type of home alarm system?

More sophisticated home security systems sync the alarm systems with other smart gadgets, such as wireless security cameras, smart locks and voice controlled devices. But every home is different, and we take a tailored approach to what best suits you. A traditional burglar “bells only” system can be more reliable in some circumstances. We've installed burglar alarms all over Cornwall for all types or home and can advise on what works for your needs and budget. We’re happy to discuss your needs over the phone, and answer any questions you have about available systems. Our friendly local installers will help you choose the best alarm system for your home in Cornwall or Devon, and advise on any other security questions you have like on CCTV systems. Find out how you can protect what matters most to you, 24/7. Call us today on 01637 415001.

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